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Materials: cotton, spandex, polyester
Color: Dark grey, light grey, Navy blue

The Herringbone pattern dates to the Roman Empire and as far as 750 BCE where the Irish crafted cloth and native Americans stylized their basketry. The Romans used the pattern to build buildings and roads to provide sturdy and durable structure.

Herringbone made its way into the fashion world as stylish stitched, knit, and woven patterns. It was popularized by the tweed fabrics that many fashionable people love for its toughness against the elements. Not only can the Herrington pattern withstand the test of strength and durability but also the test of time when it comes to fashion trends.

This slouchy beanie features a durable knit Herringbone pattern. Whether it’s a Fall festival or Winter birthday party this knitted beanie is a “must have” for everyday events and outings.

The slightly thicker material and chic design makes it perfect for Autumn / Winter outfit coordination. Wearers can have fun and enjoy the ease of styling it especially when pairing it with seasonal scarves. The dual-toned, layered design gives a stylish and 3D silhouette that hides the shape of the head. This makes it possible for anyone and everyone to style it with confidence. The ribbed cotton knit allows for a comfortable and flattering fit. With a 100% cotton rim, both men and women can enjoy wearing this beanie daily and without worrying about skin irritation. This make it a nice option for those going through chemotherapy and those with alopecia. Not only is it easy to coordinate into every-day styles but it is also functional! It keeps the cold at bay, warming the ears so it’s a great hat to wear during transitional months.

Material: Body: 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, Rim: 100% cotton

Size: Approximate size when laid flat: 29.5cm wide, 23cm long (11.6in wide, 9in long)

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Dark grey, light grey, Navy blue


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